CAMBRIDGE KIPP Marketing Diploma

Course Outline

1. Marketing Fundamentals : provide detailed explanation of the key theories and practice behind marketing as an exchange process and business function, this unit introduces individuals to the importance of the of the marketing planning process, and the role of marketing across the organization

1 month class + 1 week quiz

2. Marketing in Practice: Marketing plan definition, advertising and marketing mix

1 month class + 1 week quiz

3. Marketing Planning:

  • Evaluation of the marketing planning process and it's implementation in a range of marketing contexts
  • Conduct a marketing audit and assess the findings in order to develop a marketing plan that is responsive to market and organizational changes
  • Determine the importance of segmentation, targeting and positioning to develop effective strategies which are innovative, cost effective and valuable
  • Recognize the significance of retaining customers through relationship marketing

1.5 month class + 3 weeks Practical Implementation

4. Delivering Customer Values:

  • Develop and manage a brand and product portfolio in the context of the organization's marketing strategies
  • Develop and implement an effective and efficient channel management strategy reflecting the needs of stakeholders
  • Develop an effective and innovative communication strategy and plan that clearly delivers the organization's proposition to the market
  • Utilize an innovative and effective integrated marketing mix to reinforce the organization's brand values
  • Determine customer requirements for product and service delivery

1.5 month class + 3 weeks Practical Implementation

5. Managing Marketing:

  • Recommend how a marketing function should be structured and managed to deliver a competitive advantage
  • Prepare plans for showing ow a team should be structured, selected, formed, managed, and developed to demonstrate effective performance
  • Critically assess the organization's resource needs and capabilities for marketing team to manage marketing activities effectively and efficiently
  • Prepare appropriate budgets and accounting documentation • Critically assess the ongoing financial situation

1.5 month class + 3 weeks Practical Implementation

6. Project Management of Marketing:

  • Identify the organization's information needs, scope of research projects and resource capability
  • Using project management tools and techniques, design, develop and plan significant marketing programs effectively
  • Integrate a range of marketing tools and techniques to support the implementation of marketing projects
  • Monitor and measure the outcomes of marketing projects through the end-to-end project process

1.5 month class + 3 weeks Practical Implementation

Course Duration

180 Hours


This course is certified by CAMBRIDGE KIPP