The Essential Skills in Health Professions Education (ESHPE) - Curriculum Development

The term "curriculum" is often defined as a planned educational programme. Academic teacher have to play the role of curriculum planners and course organizers. Faculty members, therefore, need to learn the principles of curriculum development and how they can approach planning and mapping of their own courses in light of global trends from classical and contemporary literature.

Course Outline

  • Identify the 12 roles of the academic teacher and relate them to their practice in education.
  • Recognize nine key principles on curriculum development.
  • Analyze their practice in view of different educational strategies.
  • Differentiate between the formal, informal and hidden curricula.
  • Write learning objectives/outcomes for their course in view of the Bloom's taxonomy in cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains.
  • Compare outcomes of leading institutions in outcome-based education and reflect on the outcomes of participants college.
  • Recognize 10 major concerns in curriculum planning.
  • Evaluate their approach in curriculum development using the Curriculum Navigator
  • Map their course using Honeycomb Technique


This course is certified by CAMBRIDGE KIPP


Four Days